Source: Palisadian Post
Author: Kane Phelps

Palisadian Kane Phelps wants you to live to be 100-without regretting it.

The therapist and former social worker has created seven keys for helping people have meaningful and productive “Bonus Years.” He spoke about these keys at last Thursday’s Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades meeting.

Phelps started off his talk by explaining that today’s seniors are living much longer than their counterparts from a century ago, and that centenarians are the fastest -growing demographic. According to Phelps, this senior stage of one’s life should be vibrant, and it’s possible to grow older with boldness, purpose and engagement.

Key #1: Diet and Exercise

Phelps believes it’s harder to lose weight as you grow older, and it’s important to monitor your food intake and have regular exercise. He says the great American expansion-when people bought bigger homes and bigger cars-also affected peoples’ bellies. Phelps lost 20 pounds in eight months, inspired after seeing a picture of himself, and his belly, on Facebook.

Key #2: Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude. Phelps says it’s good to say thank you throughout the day, not just when something big happens, and to have
positive affirmations, such as ”I’m grateful to be here today.”

Key #3: Relationships

Having a good relationship can add six to seven years to your life. Phelps says it’s time to get a meaningful relationship if you don’t have one, and that it needn’t be a romantic relationship-it can even be with a pet.

Key #4: Boldness

People often get into patterns with their lives and keep going even if what they’re doing isn’t making them particularly happy. According to Phelps, being bold means taking time to consider what makes you come alive and to think about “what music is stirring in your soul.” Perhaps it is some long-ignored talent that is now ready to be nurtured.

Key #5: Reflection/Spirituality

Silent reflection/meditation is a way to step back and see your plan. At age 41, Phelps had panic attacks after a self-financed album failed. He didn’t think he had any real job skill s. After speaking with ~is minister brother-who told him he had “people skills”Phelps had a renewed sense of purpose and went back to school to become a social worker.

Key #6: Purpose

Before becoming a social worker, Phelps spent time as an actor and liked having the spotlight on him. He had his first real sense of purpose when he saw a struggling newborn in a hospital. He found that baby a wonderful home; she went on to graduate from Brown University.

Key #7: Action

Phelps is a firm believer in creating and executing a plan. As he says, “Take action.” Write down what you want, and bring in other people to help you achieve your goals.

Kane Phelps comes from an old American family, which includes two men who signed the Declaration of Independence. He retired last year from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services after 26 years. He is currently forming a small local group to discuss issues related to purposeful aging. Contact Kane Phelps for more information.