Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

IMG_0361This past week I left my beautiful wife and headed north to “Sacred Circle Dance Camp” in a redwood forest south of Santa Cruz.  It was a glorious week, filled with joyful and meditative dance, in community with like minded souls.  I also led a Council session for fellow dancers, great sharing from the heart.

The week flew by. From dawn to dark felt like a gift, like a shower of blessings. Not the least blessing was thinking of and appreciating my partner/spouse from afar.  Conscious partnering is a path, a way of shared being, with focus on mutuality and encouraging the talents and interests of our partners.

I think of the kind of trusting relationships that develop in the military, especially navy seals and rangers.  That’s the kind of trust I aspire to with my partner.  “I’ve got your back, my love, til the end of time.” Such that time/days spent apart can help to grow the relationship.

We live in a culture that values the primacy of the individual. “What’s best for me now?”  For relationships to flourish, we need to go against the grain. We can learn from the example of commitment as demonstrated in the military.

When the week was over and we came back together, it held a new vibrancy, a new appreciation for our now 40 plus year partnership.  Relationships need space, need air, need time apart for the fullness of partnership to blossom.