Conscious Partnering

Conscious partnering means putting relationships first. It implies a cultural shift away from “me first” and towards honoring “otherness”.  It requires treating “other” as a respected “thou” rather than an “it”.  It insists on building a culture that supports relationships.

The reward:   Conscious partnering has been proven to: Reduce violence, addiction, divorce, & poverty.

Conscious partnering considers the couple as the fulcrum of all social relationships. It invokes safety as a core value/requirement and posits that the  between space couples be viewed as a mutual responsibility.  In other words, each individual in a couple relationship takes responsibility, not for the other, but for reading the non verbal language of the partner and responding appropriately.

Imagine how our culture would look if these values were largely accepted!

The road to a broad acceptance begins with baby steps. In the past 20 years there has been a remarkable  increase in the number  of men taking on more and more domestic duties, of young couples deciding to share their lives down the middle. I am proud that my three adult children seemed to have chosen this path. A beginning!


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