Couples Counseling

When we enter a relationship like marriage, we often have strong hopes that it will last forever.  But over time, things can change.  You might face issues of poor communication, criticism or anger, poor boundaries with work, children or in-laws, infidelity, and issues of trust and commitment.  You may wonder what you need to do to get that feeling back, and keep your love alive.  Marriage counseling or couples counseling can help.

There are a few keys to making a relationship work – spending time together, showing affection, listening to and supporting each other’s needs and goals, ability to resolve conflict, knowing the rules to fair fighting, agreement on money issues, and a satisfying sex life.

Marriage and couples counseling involves opening the lines of communication.  I use a practice called Council which calls for speaking from the heart and listening from the heart.  We will create a safe place where you can discuss the issues, and fall back in love again.