Therapy with Kane Phelps, M.A., LMFT, CT

Some of the key benefits of therapy can be summarized as follows:

  • Improving relationships.
  • Increasing self confidence.
  • Overcoming unwanted habits.
  • Discovering untapped strengths, gifts

Therapy takes place in person or by phone (Skype) in 50 minute sessions, usually once per week.  In order to maximize benefits, a commitment of three months is suggested. Billing is on a monthly cycle.  Payments are expected at the time of service. Fees: Contact Kane for details.  You may choose to terminate at any time. Email and periodic telephone support is also offered as part of your fee. Who are Kane’s clients?  Kane provides therapy for individual adults and couples who are either experiencing major life difficulties or want to make their lives more meaningful.


“Kane Phelps helped me move from confusion and chaos to clarity and purpose in my life. His work with me was infused with insight, skill, and compassion. He is the Zen Master of therapists.” J.H.

“I think it was his creativity and at that same time his expectation that I would be able to walk in my shoes and it actually helped me find my right shoes.” C.R.

“Kane has an uncanny way of knowing the place where you struggle, a place where you think you have potential and have given up in some way. He brings it to the forefront and encourages you to pursue what you have wanted to pursue all along, but didn’t think you could.” J.T.

“Kane is great and really helped my boyfriend (now finance) and I through some tough times. He made us feel really comfortable and had great techniques and advice to navigate through our issues and conflicts that we still use. Highly recommend him for very soothing, relaxing method of counseling that made us feel comfortable and open up! Thank you!” B.B.

“Kane has helped me leap forward in my life with his gentle, caring and supportive style.”. LH