Zen and Psychotherapy

At their core, both psychotherapy and zen are about “healing hungry hearts” and the alleviation of suffering. There are three common core practices:

  • Mindfulness – Mindfulness was not invented by Jon Cabot-Zinn. The Buddha spoke of sitting quietly, turning your attention inward and embracing each moment over 4,000 years ago.
  • Self Compassion – Many of us who come from alcoholic/drug abusing and/or abusive families are plagued by  “I’m not good enough” self doubt.  The Buddha said, “There is no one more deserving of compassion than yourself.”  Therapy can help to increase self compassion. We can’t fully experience compassion without it.
  • IMG_2432Compassion – Healing does not occur alone. Com – passion comes from the Greek, “Being with sorrow”. All twelve step programs are predicated on this healing principle.  You help to heal yourself when you reach out to help others.

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